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Ryanair intensifies saving in fuel after several force landings

Monday, 10 September 2012
Ryanair want to save more on fuel costs but it looks like it is the factor behind the recent reported forced and emergency landings of Ryanair planes, which was reported recently.

The Swedish tabloid newspaper, Aftonbladet, reports that within in a short time, several of Ryanair aircraft suffered fuel shortages and had to cancel their flights. Three planes were forced to emergency land on the same day in July. The reason is said to be that the aircrafts suffered from fuel shortages.
Now, it is reported that the emergency landing that occurred on Friday in Italy, was due to fuel shortages. This is not seen as a coincidence as the reason is said to be that the pilots of Ryanair aircraft must fly with just the amount of fuel for that journey as requires.

The company has entered into a strict fuel and money saving regime according to a document that the newspaper has a look at.

Although Ryanair is now being examined for the three emergency landings, which occurred last summer, according to Aftonbladet, teh question now emerges on the issue of safety.

Will the European authorities see a deadly plane crash, killing scores of people before they start acting against such tight economic regime a company this sensitive is implementing?

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