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No Matter what they say, Nokia is determine to be on top

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
The Finnish mobile phone giant, Nokia is determined to be on top of the telephony game. Despite all what the company has pass through,  such as the lost of market share and the collapse of stock market prices, as well as competitors zooming pass by, Stephen Elop, its CEO is sure that they will make it to the top where they belong.

According to the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, after an interview with Mr. Elop, Nokia is going back to its leading position as the world's largest mobile manufacturer, Mr. Elop has to say, reports the paper,

Nokia will be the greatest smartphones maker and would even pass both Apple as Samsung. That's the goal. False modesty is not what drives Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop, the former manager of Microsoft the paper  writes

"It has been a challenge in which the company has gone through major changes. now we are beginning to see the fruits of our labour, "said Elop to the paper.

The road back to the top goes through the Windows operating system, according to Elop. In this area, Nokia is already the largest in the world and he is convinced that Apple and Android will draw the short straw in the future.

But the road is long. In 2012, sales of arch rival Apple was more than a quarter on its  iPhone than Nokia did totally throughout the year.

Elop says that Nokia could take back its position as the brand everyone wants. Products Lumia 920 is the tool that will take the company there. Elop also confirmed that the Finnish company has a unique position in the niche cheaper smartphones markets  - when the Indian or Indonesian consumers go out to buy their real smart phones, they'll think Nokia.
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