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Evidence that Telia-Sonera Top officials knew about corrupt operation with Uzbek dictator's daughter

Thursday, 03 January 2013
There has emerged written evidence that people in high places in Swedish Finnish telecom giant, TeliaSonera were aware of negotiations with the Uzbek dictator's daughter, Gulnara Karimova, as they sought to invest in the country. New troubling reports that TeliaSonera known that the dictator's daughter was a key figure in the licensing business is now putting more pressure on Swedish - Uzbek relation.

According to an email that has emerged from the prosecutors dealing with case relating to corrupt practises by Telia Sonera, and circulated by various Swedish media  houses, the information about the Uzbek partner, Gulnara Karimova who happens to the be the daughter of the Uzbek dictator, began one such e-mail communication in May 2007.
Communication was directed to the now corruption suspected top officials in Telia, who worked closely with CEO Lars Nyberg. The manager ran the negotiations with Karimova's right hand man.

The e-mail shows that Karimova owns shares in Teliasonera and also in the prospective competitor companies in the country which Telia wanted. Prior to that time, she had no market power.
In other e-mails  Karimova was mentioned also as a counterparty, the documents from the prosecutor to the Court of Appeal show.

Telia - sonera and Lars Nyberg had denied that they knew nothing in relations with Karimova directly, other than that they were working with a woman with companies based  in Gibraltar. She would connected them to a telecom company in Uzbekistan. The old news was that the woman in Gibraltar has a licence to operate telecoms in a company in Uzbekistan and wanted to sell it. Telia actually paid the money for the Uzbek telecoms company to her offshore bank account in Gibraltar.

Looking at the emails, authorities are now question how Telia could claim not to be aware of corrupt practises witt Uzbekistan's dictator's daughter when all information from the email show that there has been strong relations between the two parties.

This means the Uzbek partners who had received the money for the sales of the company was nicely known to Telia.

In the means time, the Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt has been drawn into the TeliaSonera's controversial business.  The Uzbeck regime has sent a protest letter to the Swedish Foreign Office as Swedish reporting on the issue heats up.

Two Telia Managers and three people linked to the Uzbekistan's criminal underground cell are suspected of corruption as lawyer, Thomas Rothpfeffer representing one of the Uzbeks, questions whether there really been any crime committed. He refers to what the telecom authority in the country, Uzbekistan said that the management of Telia's licenses has been in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the country.

Thomas Rothpfeffer has released sent copies of two diplomatic notes sent to the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan, where Uzbeks protest against the Swedish prosecutor's allegations. The second note, dated December 17, was addressed to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt. There are repeated protests against the Swedish prosecutor general, Gunnar Stetler and adding that Swedish media continues to publish scandalous and provocative articles about the issue.
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