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Ericsson helps Iran telecoms, letter reveals long-term deal

Tuesday, 20 November 2012
The Swedish firm Ericsson is working with Iran's largest mobile telecom operator to expand its network and has promised to support another Iranian mobile carrier until 2021, according to interviews and an internal company document  - Rueters.

Ericsson expanding operations in Iran despite criticism

Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Ericsson is expanding its business in Iran. Two mobile phone operators have been promised continued cooperation with the Swedish company, an internal document seen by Reuters confirms.

Ericsson is helping Iran's largest mobile company to expand its network and has pledged support to another operator until 2021, reports Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.
This comes at a when many Western companies have stopped doing business in Iran because of the international sanctions against the country and the fear of getting a bad reputation.

Not long ago we reported that the Swedish Foreign minister was in the mood of doing business in Iran but was shouted down by the EU. The interest then was for Ericsson to pursue its businesses in the country. So if this revelation is true, then the Ericsson must have got into Iran with the blessing of the Swedish government even though Sweden claims to be an ally of the USA which is driving tough sanctions against Iraq, which is thought, be building nuclear weaponry.

Beside the building of nuclear bomb with the intent to possibly used on Israel, a country Iran has vowed to eliminate, the Iranian human rights situation at home is not a good one to think of.

Human right groups report that the Iranian regime uses the country's mobile phone networks to track and monitor dissidents. Ericsson says on its part that telecommunications is a "basic humanitarian services."

On the flip side, telecommunications equipment is not covered by sanctions against Iran. Nevertheless, the four major providers, including Ericsson, said that they were not going to meet new contracts in Iran, but only fulfil prior commitments.
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