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BBC working very hard for fee payers but put student on the firing line in North Korea according to claims

Sunday, 14 April 2013
The BBC secretly sent three journalists to accompany students to a field trip to North Korea disguised as a research, which turned out to be a TV documentary. Now London school of Economic (LSE) want the documentary not to be shown but the BBC has refused to drop the programme.

Three BBC journalists accompanied 10 London School of Economics students and spent eight days in the most dangerous North Korea with secrete camera. But the LSE students' union's told the BBC that Monday's programme should be dropped because students were lied to and could not give informed consent.
Image: BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney : "All of them were told twice that a journalist was coming."

The management of the London School of Economics, whose students made the trip, saying it was not aware of the matter and accuses public broadcaster for having exposed the research and actual students at risk.
Read more here from the Guardian newspaper
Also the BBC report about the issue
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