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As the two mobile giant fight, Nokia sneak to some gain

Monday, 27 August 2012
There are two clear winners in the patent battle between technology giants Samsung and Apple. This has made Microsoft and Nokia to sneak some gains. Nokia shares earlier on Monday increased 10 percent on Monday, and as the day moved on that growth continued beating the doubled lows in July.

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung could be traced back in time. But on Friday evening, a court in California established that that Samsung had infringed on six of the seven of Apple's patents for its mobile phones.

Samsung was asked to pay more than $ 1 billion, equivalent to Skr 6.6 billion in fines to Apple and the judgment can lead to a ban of Samsung to sales of some of its mobile products in the U.S..
The judgment followed a previous conviction in a South Korean court, also announced on Friday, which both Samsung and Apple were convicted of infringing on each other's patents.

The escalating patent battle is very timely for Nokia and Microsoft, who are getting ready to launch the new Lumia model, which is based on the operating system Windows Phone 8. The model is expected to be presented at a big event which Nokia is planning on September 5.
The legal processes between Apple and Samsung is far from settled though. Samsung has stated that it will try to get the judgment annulled. Unless this is done, the company shall submit an appeal. While this distraction continues, Nokia could start rebuilding its lost ground and gradually penetrate the market even from the back doors.
The problem here is that even if the case is settled, could customers still have faith in its products.
Nokia's shares rose 10 percent on Monday in the wake of Friday's judgment. With today's rising share price has risen more than 100 percent since its trough of Skr11.30 as it was traded on July 18, the day before the interim report. Viewed from the end, however, shares are still down 32 percent.

Samsung shares however fell, 7.5 percent on the South Korea Exchange, the biggest daily drop in almost four years.

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