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Sweden needs to import garbage to meet the need to generate energy from it as incineration facilities expand.

Thursday, 07 June 2012
Billion of kronor are being invested in Sweden to build new incineration facilities, and interests in expanding existing facilities are great. But Sweden's garbage is not enough for fuel, according to reports.

Radio Sweden reports that according to industry association Waste Sweden's latest forecasts, Sweden will in future need to import around 1.6 million tonnes of rubbish in order to meet its demand for trash to be burnt.

Radio Sweden reports that Swedish district heating plants are investing billions to build waste incineration, even though there is a shortage of raw material, waste. It can lead Sweden to import waste in the coming decades.

Weine Wiqvist, CEO of industry association, Waste Sweden told radio Sweden that the reason for the expansion of the waste as fuel section has to “with making sure the waste stand as an attractive fuel. Not only the waste in Sweden, but the waste that exist in other countries.”

As this meant that more rubbish could be imported, that was dismissed by the Environmental Protection Agency:
“We are very clear in the national waste plan. The reuse, recycling and waste prevention is in force,” says Catarina Ístlund at the Environmental Protection Agency to radio Sweden.
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