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Sweden burns Italian Mafia garbage

Thursday, 05 April 2012
The mountain of garbage and waste that was found deposited on the streets in Italy is to be burnt in Sweden. This year, the company that manages Swedish garbage, Fortum is said to burn 6000 tons of Italian household garbage in southern Stockholm. This is a very big source of producing sustainable energy.

But there seems to be some problems with that as noises have been going on that the garbage may be tied to the mob underground organisation mafia. This is because the Mafia controls the garbage in Naples and the fear now is that the exchange of money associated with the operation could be that money from to and from the mafia.

"If we find that there are irregularities, we will not continue," says Ulf Wikström, information manager at Fortum Heat to Swedish television.

For years, the waste disposal in Naples has been unmanageable. The reason is largely that it is controlled by the Mafia, which gathers the waste and deposit it any where leading to the growth of big mountains of waste around the city.

But now part of the Italian garbage will disappear northward and is expected to be burnt in Sweden.
The power company Fortum has linked up with an Italian company to take care of the 6,000 tons of processed household waste this year, says Swedish television.

These will be shipped via the Kiel Canal in Germany up to Nynäshamn and then end up in Högdalsverket in southern Stockholm, where the garbage is burned and converted into electricity and heat.

“This is something that benefits everyone. Today, 150 million tons of waste is deposited every year in landfill sites in Europe. If we can take care of a fraction of that and turn it into useful energy, we believe that it's good for both the climate and environment,” said Ulf Wikström, information manager at Fortum Heat, to Swedish television.

Fortum is paid for burning the trash, but Ulf Wikström's sure it's not money from the Mafia.

“What we can guarantee is that we follow the purchasing guidelines that we have. If we find that there are irregularities, we will not continue to work with the suppliers. We have had representatives on site that have been able to testify to a high level of both the control and supervision by local authorities, including police, on waste management.”
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