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Swedish Channel TV 4 in disarray as the company tries to stem losses

Thursday, 21 June 2012
There is an atmosphere of uncertainty in Swedish TV 4 News as the company struggles to cut workforce and perks in order to stem growing looses. But the move by management has ignited bad blood between workers and management.

According to the worker’s union leader of the channel, Ann Johansson, "Talk to anyone you want, all are angry."

TV 4 News and the Company's management are aiming to save Skr50 million over two years. To achieve the goal they
want to include aspect such as changing the terms of the collective agreement and to abandon generous bonuses for broadcasting contract.

The employees feel that it would mean severe deterioration of their working moral and motivation. Most recently elected head of TV News 4 and the Company have been forced to leave the negotiating table.

“I really do not know how this will end. I have worked in the editorial environment for 25 years and I've never seen anything like it. People feel totally run over. Confidence in management is equal to zero,” said Ann Jackson, President of the Journalists Club on TV 4, and News Corporation.

The most important issue for the staff who work in Stockholm has been the abolition of the so-called old man's week, a sixth week of vacation for those who are over 40 years.

TV4 is the largest commercial television company in the Nordic and in 2005 it made revenue totalling Skr 2,594 million. The company is the Swedish market leader and currently operating five channels including the most viewed one, TV4, which had 23.6 per cent share of viewing in 2005.
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