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Swedish real estate Brokers want to be paid for unsold houses

Thursday, 09 February 2012
Swedish real estate agents are having increased pressure. Many are dejected that it is hard to sell certain items as such reject to take on home for sell. The reason is that some houses are either too hard t sell or are almost unsellable for various reasons.

As such they’ll want to be paid even if houses remain unsold. It is not yet initially clear if this will be a good or bad news for home buyers

Today, real estate brokers would not earn any thing until they are able to sell a property. But also they are forced to pay out money in the beginning of the sales process in the form of advertisement, information and promotion.

"There is an ongoing discussion about changing the law. We'll see how the market develops. We'd love to get coverage for our costs, "says Mattias Larsson, regional manager of real estate company, Bjurfors in Skåne (Scania), to the paper Sydsvenskan.

Last year saw a slowdown in the Swedish housing market and many brokers have had it tough.
The Swedish Real Estate Association President, Guy Wallster told Sydsvenskan that the whole remuneration system must be reviewed and feels that there is logic in the argument that the broker should charge an entry fee when they take on a mission.

In total there are 6730 registered real estate firms in Sweden, 34 percent more than seven years ago, writes Sydsvenskan. Despite the increased competition it has become common for brokers say reject selling houses certain in areas which they feel it will be hard to sell the homes.

They say no to housing in the wrong neighbourhood, with the wrong planning or major renovation needs, writes Sydsvenskan. Most commonly, however, that broker rejects items that the seller wants to charge a lot for.

"We say no if the customers have high expectations. If they want to take a chance and see if it really is possible to sell, they may turn to someone else, "says Simon Falke of Erik Olsson Property, to Sydsvenskan.
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