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The demand for labour in Sweden is increases but will employer look at skills rather than race?

Monday, 05 December 2011
Reports recently our here show that there are few skilled people looking for work here, in Sweden that in some times in the past. But the question asked is if employers have looked properly into non Swedish looking people and encourage them to apply for positions.

Swedish unemployment continues to fall
Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Approximately 345,000 people, or 6.9 percent of the Swedish workforce, were unemployed in October.

Sweden implements tougher rules for foreign cleaners

Thursday, 17 November 2011
The Swedish migration board is determined to tighten rules for cleaning companies that want to hire people from outside the EU. This follows the general Swedish shift to tighten immigration as the economy weakens

Spanish nurses want to work in the Nordic countries as their economies fail to be competitive

Friday, 17 February 2012
As the economic prosperity split of Europe between the north and south expands more, workers migration from the south to the North is growing. The weak economies of the Southern European countries' means that workers in the healthcare industry are looking for work in places such as Finland.

Not long ago, Sweden was grappling with a wave of southern Europeans who had flocked here to look for work. Most of them came from Greece, Portugal and Spain.  Now they are beginning to head to Finland.

About 2300 nurses from Spain are reported to be coming to Finland to seek work, according to reports from NTM-center in Satakunta which conducts a campaign to attract migrant workers to social and health care sector.

Under the campaign, employers will initially employ carers to carry out basic activities because of language limitation. Then as their language skills improve, they will be integrated more into their areas of expertise.

The Spanish nurses' sudden interest in Finland has come as a complete surprise to the those who work in the project and show how their economic stagnation has meant that they are ready to move anywhere to look for work.
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