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Scandinavia is northern part of Europe described better through the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Others include Greenland and Faroe Island. It makes the land mass that stretched to the North pole - around the arctic.

Scandinavia is also known for its breathtaking landscapes of icy fjords, forests, icecaps and consistently making significant contributions to the world of design and various forms of distinctive cuisine.

There are various myths about travelling to the Scandinavia but here on Scandinavian Companies and Market we want to make it easier for you  - interested in visiting this areas to find the information you need and get the advice that we can get from our travel specialists.
Therefore from exploring the Arctic Circle and the unique landscape of the region to witnessing the spectacle of the Northern Lights and cruising through the myriad of fjords and rivers - a holiday to Scandinavia is one that will not be soon forgotten.

The Main Countries and their identity

swedenSweden is the largest country in the Scandinavia in terns of land population and the biggest industrial power. Capital city is Stockholm but other great cities include Gothenburg and Malmö. Swedish is the language spoken here but many people understand English. Population 9.5 million
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NorwayNorway is on the western side of Sweden and  has been described as northernmost — and in fact the easternmost — of the three Scandinavian countries.Norway due to its position has been exposed to the work of glacier and thus best known for the complex deep fjords along its west coast - stretching from the North Sea near Denmark and Scotland into the Arctic Ocean. Very filled with natural beauty  and a population of just 5milliuon people. Capital city is Oslo but other vital cities include Tromso, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger. Read more about Norway here




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