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The discovery of fighters in Syrian from Sweden becomes a headache for the Swedish security force,  SAPO

Monday, 15 April 2013
Swedish security police force,  SAPO is worried that some 30 Islamist inspired people from Sweden have travelled from Sweden to fight or trained for battle in Syria.

Within in a very short time, 30 people with  al-Qaeda-inspired ideology have been identified by Sweden recently to be operating in the war torn country.

The Swedish security service which prevents and detects offences against national security, fights terrorism and protects the central Government, says it's concern is that  such travellers, when they return to Sweden, they become a source of inspiration.

SAPO has been forced to name the number of person involves as it presents it annual report released on Monday  and said that about 30 people travelled to Syria to be train or operate in conjunction with al-Qaeda-inspired groups.

The security services also continue that they have gathering such intelligence for about last 18 months and that the travellers may be more. The great majority are still in Syria.
SAPO is worried for their return. The reason is that in Sweden their actions could be misconstrued as legitimate. Some former assassins sometimes made similar trips and travellers acquire the ability to kill and can be a sources of inspiration for those with similar ideological background still back at home.
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