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Swedish capital city Stockholm is among the fastest growing cities in Europe

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Stockholm has in the past, had what could be described as a docile population growth. However, in the past few years the city has grown enormously and fast in terms of the number of people living here and projection for the future shows that along with Oslo,  and London, Stockholm is poised to see its urban structures increased as population growth expected to explode.

In 2030, the Stockholm County will have half a million more people than today, according to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in a new projection of the growth and development of the capital. This will see a growth that is twice as fast as Copenhagen and Zurich and six times faster than in Paris, writes the  Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet.

According to the paper, the report from the Chamber of Commerce states that Stockholm today, along with the London and Munich, are one of five metropolitan areas in Western Europe, where the population is increasing most, proportionally.

"There is an incredibly strong performance, even historically. Increasingly economic activity in our economies are focused on large cities, and in Sweden the trend is extra strong," says Maria Rankka, President of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce sees as additional positive that Stockholm, along with Oslo, London and Brussels, are estimated to have more than twice the growth of working age, and fewer older people, compared with the other 16 cities in the report.

"It is clear that it is thankful, but we can not sit back. Competition between major metropolitan areas will increase. It is a welcome problem to grow, but it requires a functioning housing market and investment in infrastructure and public transport," says Maria Rankka.
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