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In the name of research - Swedish Customs workers grow marijuana plants on the job

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Two Swedish customer workers have been growing cannabis plants while at their place of work and the aim, of the operation was to carry out research.
This is the argument put forward by the customs employees when the Police questioned them.
Based in the port town of Helsingborg in the southern Sweden the marijuana plants were grown behind the closed doors of their office. The two employees indicted for professional misconduct, said they were conducting an experiment to find out how rapidly the plants grew.
In an interview with the Swedish daily, Helsingborg Dagbladet, prosecutor Mats Eriksson said, “But there are also suspicions of narcotics crimes. In itself, it’s no serious narcotics crime; it’s not exactly like they had an amphetamine lab.” Eriksson continued that "the serious thing is that this occurred at Swedish Customs and that it was during working hours."
The two employees have placed off work  and temporarily replaced, but Swedish Customs authorities have not stated whether or not the employees have permanently lost their jobs.
In recent time, the police said on an annual basis, about 600 reports of illegal cannabis cultivation have been reported. Growing cannabis is illegal in Sweden and cannabis is treated as a very serious drug here.

In related development, last night  to Sunday, Oskarshamn Police,  found a large cannabis cultivation in Ruda in Hogsby municipality in Sweden. Several people were arrested and taken to Oskarshamn Police.
The finding has been described by the police as being both luck and skill, something that made it possible for the patrol to find the cannabis plants. Team

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