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Denmark starts breaking down Nazi concrete bunkers littering its West Coast

Tuesday, 30 July 2013
Denmark has had enough of the Nazi bunkers found on its coast and have now has started breaking down some 120 bunkers on its West Coast.
breaking down Nazi bunkers in Denmark
Denmark starts breaking down Nazi concrete bunkers littering its West Coast (Granscole)
Nazi Germans bunkers constructed during the Second World War, in which several hundred concrete bunkers were constructed on the Danish west coast have to go down now.
The bunkers which were designed then, during the war to defend German-occupied Europe against an Allied invasion from England, have now become dangerous after the effects of the elements have made it more of a hazard than a protector.
The bunkers were part of a fortification that stretched from the Spanish border in the south to the Norway in the North .
Nazi bunkers in Denmark
Bunkers being eroded by the elements (img Granscole)

Of the 600 Danish bunkers, 120 have been lost and some of the remaining ones are very dangerous after being partially broken down by the forces of nature.

According to the Danish coats guard, the bunkers have been beaten heavily by the North Sea, which at times can be quite violent with forces beating harder on the concrete bunkers.
Waves impact and frost during the winter has thus over the past 70 years been so tough at the bunker, located in the water or close to it that they are now so weathered and dangerous that they should be removed, the Danish cost guard authority writes.
Nazi Bunker
The forces has led to some of the concrete of the bunkers are loosened and hamlets of the steel reinforcement are subsequently exposed with rusting rods.
The bunker were build with contemporary concrete that was not frost resistant, since the development of the type of additives used to make concrete frost resistance by implication, small air bubbles in the concrete, had started a few years earlier in the U.S., explains the reports. Team

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