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Emergence of new hazardous substances in consumer products such as toothpaste

Thursday, 04 April 2013
A new alarmed has been made for a list of products testes recently, which show, contain dangerous substances that could harmful to the human metabolism.

Products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpaste of most popular brands contain chemical substances that may be hazardous to health. The alarm comes from European consumer organizations, which has examined the contents of the 60 or so products we use every day.

They include hygiene items such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste  - may contain excessive levels of the hormone disrupting chemical substances, according to the survey conducted by consumer organizations in Denmark, France, Switzerland and the UK, reports Swedish television.

An official working on the products testing told Swedish television that although most of the products they tested have low levels of the hazardous substances, it is still uncertain what effect they can have if used regularly. In context, many people use up to ten - twenty such products daily.

But the pain here is that most of these products are produced by reputable manufacturers such as Colgate Total toothpaste, for example, according to the researchers, consumer associations consulted, the product contains high levels of the hormone disrupting agent triclosan.

Another product is the Nivea Shower Gel Lily & Oil that has high levels of the preservative propylparaben which was suspected to have effects similar to those that triclosan has.

The UN  and WHO recently published  a report where hormone disrupting substances have been found in a range of products in the things we commonly use such as from toys and clothing to personal care and  was described as a threat to world health.

The EU - the Commission is thus working to present a strategy for how to handle these substances.
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See here the list of product tested with heavy substance content

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