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Warning of outbreak of measles as more falls sick in Sweden

Sunday, 04 December 2011
The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that Europe is facing an explosive growth of missiles as reports hold that the sickness is growing a unparallel levels in Sweden.
During the first nine months of this year, it has been found that a total of 26 000 cases of measles has bee reported in 36 countries in Europe, including a large outbreak in France by more than 14 000 cases.


In Sweden, 26 cases of measles have been detected by November this year compared to six cases during all of 2010. “Some have been so ill that they have been admitted to the hospital,” says Tiia Lepp, Epidemiology of Infectious Disease Control (SMI).
Nine deaths have so far have been found, including six in France.
The disease has also spread beyond Europe. In the Democratic Republic of Congo there has more than 100,000 cases recorded. In Nigeria and Somalia, a total of around 30 000 cases were identified.
Measles is an infectious disease characterized by high fever and a rash of small red spots.
In Europe, it is affecting 90 percent of cases, young people and adults who have not been vaccinated.
By Scancomark.se Team

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