Daughter could get her mother's womb in an awaited break through medical wonders


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Tuesday, 14 June 2011
If all goes well, then a 25-year-old lady, Sara Ottosson based in Sweden will be able to become pregnant next year become her mother's womb could be transferred to her.

If that happens, this would also be a great development in the medical treatment and the extension of medical boundaries.
The woman's mother has offered her womb to her daughter, who was born without a uterus according to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter.

"It's like a whole new door has opened," said the 25-year-old woman on the unique transplant to the paper.
This will also make 56-year-old Eva Otttosson, the first woman in the world to donate her womb to her own daughter.
Should this work, this could open up the way for similar transplants, as report hold that one out of 5000 girls suffer from such problems according to data that show in girls born without uterus.
It is not the first time that doctors are trying out a womb transplant. A 26-year-old woman in 20000, received a uterus from a 46-year-old Saudi woman, but she had complications and the uterus was removed again after just three months.

Since then, specialists have performed surgery on animals, and the doctors in Gothenburg believe that it is feasible.
Sara Ottosson first discovered the disease when she was not having her menstrual period like other girls. It turned out that the Swedish woman was suffering from Mayer-Rokitansky-K�ster-Hauser syndrome, which means she was born without a uterus and therefore can not have children.

“She needs a womb, and if I'm the best donor for her, well, let's do it. She has more use for it than me. I've got two daughters, so it has served me well, "said Eva Otttosson the the paper.

If all goes as planned, it will something of a special transplant that will take place at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg in Sweden next spring. Here, doctors have for years been preparing for the surgery, and mother and daughter have already been through a lot in way of studies.

However, it is not certain if the daughter's body will welcome her mother’s uterus. Sara Ottosson has not yet seen the process as a success or a miracle as a result. They have other options such as to adopt a child from Turkey if the experiment fails.

If the operation becomes a success, then Sara Ottosson and her boyfriend through fertility treatments could become parents.
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