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Swedish roads a pain for truck drivers

Sunday, 27 May 2012
Many Swedish roads are so bad that professional drivers' health are threatened, a new report in which vibrations are measured on a total of 370 mile road way in several countries, including in northern part of Sweden has been have been carried out.

Truck driver mostly from other countries such as Finland have experienced the really bad roads.
Some of them testify to radio Sweden that driving from the Finnish side which they considered but when they crossed to the Swedish side it was worse.

The bumpy and uneven roads are a concern for many who have truck cab as a workplace, especially in during the spring thaw.

In a new report vibration was measured inside the trucks on some 370 mile road in the northern parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Scotland. The report shows that it is really shaky, says Johan Granlund chief of road technical determinate of state company Vectura.

Him and several colleagues have travelled by truck with drivers and the summary description is musical chairs, according to Johan Granlund. In addition to back injuries and herniated discs the bumpy and uneven roads increases the risk of accidents because trucks can slip off road.
However, it may be difficult to completely overcome the problem because it is hard to eliminate the frost from the ground which is common here in the north. However, there is call for the roads to be properly taken care of.
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