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Norwegian wants to make a move to Sweden if government remains inflexible to working methods 

Friday, 14 December 2012
Budget airline, Norwegian has been criticized for wanting to operate the new long-haul routes with foreign personnel. But without workers living abroad they can not be profitable, Norwegian manager Bjørn Kjos, believes.

This has led to flair ups with the Norwegian government and the airliner has threatened to move its operations to Sweden.
According to Norwegian new reports, Norwegian will move new large aircraft to Sweden if the Norwegian authorities say no to foreign crews on long routes. Then the rest of the Norwegian gradually Swedish, writes the newspaper, Dagens Naeringsliv.Norwegian

"If we get no Norwegian authorities nod, we'll register the new "Dreamliner" long haul in Sweden and move the company there to drive them. Then there is a risk that more and more of Norwegians will move for efficiency reasons, to Sweden or any other country," says communications director Anne-Sissel Skånvik to the paper.

According Skånvik Norwegian has already been in contact Swedish authorities on the matter. "We ask only to compete on the same terms such as Thai, Qatar, and Continental Airlines that fly here. No more. There is absolutely no question of using the international crew on domestic flights," said Skånvik.

Country boundaries have disappeared, and it is impossible to compete with the Norwegian costs outside Scandinavia, he adds.

The company has five days of cabin crew bases outside Scandinavia: three in Spain, one at Gatwick in London and one in Helsinki.

Norwegian government has a bill out for consultation that will make it possible to use workers without work and residence permit in Norway. Then, they need not be paid in accordance with the Norwegian agreement.
Since the proposal became pubic knowlege, the workers, unions went on the rampage against what they described as a pure salary-dumping proposal.

If the dreamliners are registered in Sweden, then it need not follow Norwegian labour law. In Sweden, they it will be treated as foreign-owned.
Norwegian will make a decision after the New Year, says Skånvik  to the paper.

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