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Swedish celebrities waking up to the realism that Sweden is a rough place for non - whites and call for improvement in diversity

Saturday, 14 September 2013
This is not the first time Swedes of "substance" or Celebrities, talk the talk that Sweden should become a more tolerant place in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.. It had been said in the past, several times, but as days went by Sweden became a more racist and segregated society. Are the celebrities here ashamed? Maybe… 

This could be why there is a growing call for an integrated Swedish society where all irrespective of race, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation should feel free in the country. This comes after reports have shown that the past say 10 years Sweden has gradually disintegrated into a very rough developed country in which contain races have no chance of improving on their futures.

Image Aftonbladet - signatoris calling for fall of discrimination in Sweden
We wrote yesterday that Black people in Sweden, even though are rejected in all aspects of life in the country - discriminated upon in jobs, education, healthcare, housing, they are also still tortured, brutalised by the police and to some extent also denied justice, even though they make a very minuscule parentage of the country's population.

Today they are out (Afro-Swedes) in the southern city of Malmö, the centre of Sweden's far right to demonstrate about why the Swedish people find it so hard to go along with people who look differently from them. The Jews, Gypsies, and the Black Africans are sweating in the hands of Swedish people - in 2013, in a developed country. Why is it so?
Comparatively, other countries in the developed world such as the UK and even Germany and Denmark are making impressive match forward towards improved community cohesion and making their environments better for all the races to live in harmony. We are not suggesting that all is great in these countries but comparatively these countries are more advanced when it comes to acknowledging the existence of other races. 
Sweden which has been scoring high in all advanced economic indications as some of the best places to live on earth,  is also one of the countries in the developed world where there is high levels advanced institutional racism as well as various forms of discrimination. It does not seems as Sweden know that their country also has races different from white people.

It is not clear the trigger but it has emerged that famous Swedish people have written and published an up ed on the tabloid papers,  Aftonbladet and Expressen on Saturday to call on Sweden to be a more integrated society that which should challenge the growth of  xenophobia in our everyday lives, something that has been kept silent about for long.The blackman in Sweden

Is it Obama? Has the appearance of Obama on the Swedish soil, a black man who would not even be allowed to get a job an office cleaner in certain offices in Sweden made the Swedish people start thinking that the black people might be people of substance after all? That integration could be something useful for this country?

This is worrying because those of use on this network - Scandinavia companies and Market know how life in Sweden as for a minority African and why we had to leave Sweden to set up shop in London. We have also written about this issue especially the wanton discrimination of black people from the Swedish jobs market as destructive.  
Now some people are calling for improved diversity supported by hundreds of Swedes in a petition against Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination, published in Aftonbladet and Expressen on Saturday, will only be seen in the future.
"It is time to speak up! It's time to talk about that Sweden where everyone has equal value, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation, " they write in the op-ed piece signed by, among others, the leader of the Social Democrats Stefan Löfven, head coach of the Swedish female football team, Pia Sundhage, Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson and columnist Jan Scherman.

Called "Oss alla" is said to have been the brain child of other celebrities such as Anna Ryott, Ingela Edlund, Katrin Ludvigsson, Navid Modiri and Jan Scherman.
"We want to talk about what Sweden we want to see in the future. We thought it was time for several to raise their voices to a Sweden that we can be proud of, where diversity is strength and where we stand for openness and tolerance," says Anna Ryott, CEO of organisation, Swedfund.
The petition was published on Saturday in both Expressen andAftonbladet and is signed by 489 famous and ordinary Swedish persons.

We on this network welcome this initiative and would do what we can in our power to support a Sweden that looks like the UK in terms of diversity. But let's see how this play given that we have experiences in the past where more talks have come and gone and nothings happened.

By Team

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