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Which are the countries in EU where homosexuals are harassed most?

Saturday, 18 May 2013
Lithuania tops the list, while homosexuals in the Netherlands feel less discriminated against.
Every fourth homosexuals in the EU feel harassed or discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, according to the largest ever survey of gay men and lesbians in Europe, EU LGBT survey carried out by the European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights (Fra). Two out of three is nervous of being attacked if they show their sexual orientation in the street.

However, there are major differences in how big the problem is in the different countries. Lithuania tops the list of problems country with discrimination against gays and lesbians. Then follows by a number of Eastern European countries. In Holland gay feel the most at ease.

Discrimination List
Below shows the proportion of homosexuals who have experienced discrimination in the past twelve months and their rank by country

1 Lithuania 42%
2 Croatia 41%
3 Bulgaria 40%
4 Romania 39%
5 Portugal 36%
6 Poland 35%
7 Malta 35%
8 Ireland 35%
9 Italy 34%
10th Greece 34%
11 Slovakia 33%
12 Austria 33%
13 Hungary 33%
14 Cyprus 33%
15 United Kingdom 32%
16 Latvia 32%
17 Germany 32%
18 France 31%
19 Estonia 30%
20th Slovenia 29%
21 Sweden 27%
22 Luxembourg 27%
23 Spain 27%
24 Czech 27%
25 Finland 26%
26 Belgium 26%
27 Denmark 22%
28 Netherlands 20%
Source: Fra

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