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They want their pride back and drop out in their drove from the far right party, Sweden Democrats

Friday, 13 September 2013
It looks like its no longer cool to be a far right activist in Sweden, especially at the grassroots level as there seem to be a large decamp from Sweden's own far right party, Sweden Democrats.
According to radio Sweden, a large number of persons who were voted into local government positions representing the interest of the Swedish far right political party, Sweden Democrats are on the move away from the party.

Sweden Democrats being harrassed at a campaign in GoteborgSweden Democrats activities being confronted in Göteborg  during a campiagn /
The gains the party made in the last election is being lost outside the ballot box in which some thirty members and deputies have defected in positions held in City Councils.
Dalarna stands out as a typical example though many other counties are affected according to Alex Bengtsson, acting CEO of the Expo, a foundation that reports about racist and far right wing activities in Sweden, reports radio Sweden.
One driver for this fright from the populist far right organisation is said to be internal conflicts within the Sweden Democrats. Of the thirty that have left, some seven of them are still there in the councils as so-called political independents, thus taking advantage of their mandate, but not belonging to any party.

In three municipalities, Älvdalen, Orsa and Malung-Sälen, there are rather empty seats in those communes. In other municipalities, those empty places are filled with new people.
In the long run, this might lead to a problem that the party would be forced to elope from local politics. Since it is also an organizational problem, that which they cannot find people who can withstand the pressure and harsh conditions of being far right politician, reports radio Sweden.
With a year to go before the election, Alex Bengtsson of expo told radio Sweden that "At national level, it looks as if the Sweden Democrats is increasing in support but at a local level, where there has been open conflict, there might be a change," says Alex Bengtsson, acting CEO of the Foundation Expo.
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