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Gestapo - like register of the Roma by Swedish police, considered illegal with a  register containing  4000 Roma people

Monday, 23 September 2013
Swedish police have made what is being described as an illegal recording of details of exclusively Roma people in the country. According to the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter they have a register containing 4,029 Roma names something that resemble how the Jews were treated in Germans and it is said to be illegal here.
Roma people in Sweden in secrete illegal police registerRoma people in Sweden in secrete illegal police register - Svt
Swedish Police have set up a register of 4000 Roma people - just for the sake that they are Roma people, the Swedish police confirms this, reports several Swedish media sources.
This is creepy and scary and some experts are beginning to see such action resembling what happened in Germany, where the aim was to exterminate the Romas and the Jews.
Many of those registered have no criminal record and are completely crime free, unpunished and over a thousand of those registered are children. Of the more than a thousand of the approximately 4,000 registered Roma children are as young as two years old, writes Dagens Nyheter which also stress that Monday morning it could also tell that the register, also includes Roma marital status, address and birthdays.

842 of the children in the registry were born in the 2000s, and several of them are well below the age of criminal responsibility. According to several lawyers, the newspaper has spoken with, it is illegal in Sweden to establish a registry that is based on a particular ethnicity.

The police admit to the Swedish tabloid newspaper, Expressen, that there is a record of the country's Roma, but reject to say if the police is the authority behind it.
Swedish PoliceSwedish police making a name for itself as to whether it is racist or not / svt
"There is such a register, but it is not approved by the authorities. We are now investigating whether it is an individual or a few employees who have established the Register," says press officer at Skåne police, Lars Förstell, to Expressen, adding:
"It is not in accordance with the rules," he acknowledges.
Also at the National Police, the case is being examined. "We are looking at whether we had access to it," says Sara Kvarnström, the press secretary of the Swedish criminal Police, Rikskriminalpolisen, to Expressen.
Left Party's legal affairs spokesman, Lena Olsson is one of the first politicians who have to call for an explanation from the police.
"If the information is correct, it is a scandal. The Left Party demands an explanation from the highest police authority," says Lene Olsson.
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