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Sweden's racism watch - how even the Social Democrats politician can't resist the allure of demeaning the black African, forced to leave his post

Thursday, 19 September 2013
Last weekend leading Swedes wrote in their leading paper, calling for racial tolerance in the country. Among them who made the call is the leader of the Social Democrats. Unfortunately, one of his party members could not resist that joy of taking a poke on the African black man with derogatory, demeaning, and baseless accusation.
black in teh DarkBlack in the dark/Granscole
It goes that a Social Democratic local politician in northern Örebro was forced to resigns after making a very powerful derogatory statement and accusation about the African man.
He shared a racist post on Facebook, which read: "Africans say that Swedish girls have themselves to blame if they are raped because they are so scantily clad. Is it okay to run over a Negro if it is dark outside?" reports Swedish television
When it became exposed, the politician was pressured to leave.
The Social Democrats have been seen as the party of integration and the friend to those who are non-Swedes as described by the far right leader, Jimmy Åkesson.

Now it looks like even with the Social Democrats  the Africans cannot escape insults and baseless accusations. Probably due to their skin colour they can hide in the dark.

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