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Sweden should sought out that unspoken exploitation of foreign workers

Tuesday, 08 October 2013
It is now becoming clear that Swedish companies, which used to show some ethics, are now becomes extremity dangerously exploitative, especially to guest workers from third world countries.
These companies invite guest workers from outside the EU to work in hazardous conditions and then they are not paid. This is a disgrace and this brings Sweden to disrepute.

 Recently some Cameroonian came here and did heavy backbreaking tree planting and were exploited and left unpaid. Today it had emerged that a berry picker who had borrowed lots of money to come to Sweden to work, hopping to give his daughter a better future was left languishing unpaid. What is going on?berry harvesterd in protest
Berry harvesters in protest in Sweden for uŽnon payment after hard work / Swedish television
Swedish television was reporting last night that Buala Laoprom who came from Thailand to Sweden to pick blueberries in treacherous Swedish forests ended up hanging himself after it became clear to him that despite all his seat and tears in the Swedish forest wilderness, he was not going to be paid. 

Buala Laoprom was one of the many Thais who last fall took loans equivalent to one year's salary to get to Sweden to pick berries. They were promised very good pay but many were shocked to find the Swedish man so dangerous that the disbelieve made some to kill themselves, such as Buala Laoprom.
Initially what the wages for their work was not subsequently paid, he demonstrated in desperation with a group of compatriots outside the Municipal offices in Umea, Northern Sweden.

But Buala eventually became so desperate that on Sept. 16 he hanged himself inside one of the toilets of the Municipal building in Umeć. He was taken to hospital in Umeć by the other pickers, but he died there on September 21.

Bualas wife Rattana got the death announcement on the phone from his brother, who was also in Sweden for the same hard job.

What a disgrace for a Swedish company in this modern times still willing to exploit people from third world. The authorities will stay quite because it is their nature! Team

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