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Sweden pointed out as American's NSA secret key partner

Friday, 06 September 2013
The Swedish organisation Försvarets Radioanstalt, or the National Defence Radio Establishment, (FRA), has been accused of being an accomplice of the US in its spying and information-tapping program.
The organisation, which supply intelligence to the government Offices of Sweden, and the Swedish Armed Forces and to other concerned authorities, Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA)  has come under fire and being accused of having given the U.S. free access to information from the Baltic undersea area.

If confirmed , then the U.S. wiretapping scandal looks to be heading towards the Swedish FRA. In a committee in the European Parliament FRA is accused of being the NSA's secret partner in the EU.
Satellite communication
The Organisation, which supply intelligence to the government Offices of Sweden, and the Swedish Armed Forces and to other concerned authorities, Swedish National.
It was during a hearing in the European Parliament's Committee,  Libe that the new information about FRA's cooperation with America's NSA and Britain's GCHQ came up.
At the hearing, several journalists and scholars were invited to explain what the NSA's eavesdropping means. One of those invited was the investigative journalist, Duncan Campbell, according to Swedish television. He then accused Sweden of being the third such important party in the wiretapping scandal, which so far had only two main actors: the United States and Britain.

Swedish Minister for EU Affairs, Birgitta Ohlsson said "It has gone too far," as she reacted strongly to the information to Swedish television.

"I do not know these details, it was news to me. I definitely think that it is not good. I have also been involved in privacy issues and transparency issues in Sweden and I think that all countries including Sweden, the EU and the U.S. ... it has gone too far!"

According to him, The British Journalist, Campbell, they system is that where  multiple overlapping systems has been created were  with the existence of a global monitoring network, otherwise known as Echelon.

Echelon is described as an officially unacknowledged U.S.-led global spy network that operates an automated system for the interception and relay of electronic communications.
It monitored transmissions are said to include up to 3 billion communications daily, including all the telephone calls, e-mail messages, faxes, satellite transmissions, and Internet downloads of both public and private organizations and citizens worldwide.

The British Journalist, Campbell revealed that Echelon's existence in the early 2000s is known  and is led by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). It is also known that  Echelon is operated collaboratively by the intelligence agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand  the so-called "five eyes". Now the five eyes have become six, according to Duncan Campbell.
"A new organization has joined the "five eyes" and is considered the largest partner to GCHQ outside the English speaking countries - and that is Sweden, "Campbell said in a video meeting.

FRA has engaged in signals intelligence for many years, Sweden has introduced new laws to allow for access to submarine cables, according to Campbell.
"Sweden has access to the cables that nobody else can get., the global surveillance system spreads throughout the EU, not only by working together with my own country, the United Kingdom, but also through the very active participation of another Member State - Sweden," said Campbel
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