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Several robberies in Stockholm jewellery stores end in shootings and one man down

Friday, 04 January 2013
A jewellery shop was robbed in Södertälje, in Stockholm where several robbers struck at lunchtime. The police shot one person in connection with the robbery but reports hold that he is not dead.

A robber has been shot in the head by police in connection with an armed robbery of a jewellery store in Södertälje. According to police, the man is still alive.

"We can confirm that one of the perpetrators is shot" said Albin Näverberg of the Swedish national police to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

Police received the alarm about the robbery at 11:37, the paper report. When they arrived at the scene, three robbers entered the shopping centre on High Street in Södertälje, while the fourth had stayed at a car outside. Witnesses stated that the offender had a gun-like object in his hand, which appeared to look at AK-47 Kalashnikov.

The shot man was transferred by helicopter to the hospital and it is not reported that the man was killed, Albin Näverberg said according to Swedish television by 14 o'clock.
According to police, four masked men robbed a jewellery store and now they are looking for the other three people, including a helicopter.

The robbers fled in silver Audi, which was later found abandoned. According to Albin Näverberg the robbers forced a man out of his Volvo which was found abandoned in Salem, outside the city.
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