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Russia jet fighters continue to taunt Sweden – provocation?

Saturday, 12 October 2013
Russian fighter jets continue to tease Sweden by making surprise fly-by very close to Sweden, around the Baltic region and this time they have done it again with their new heavy attack machine the Su-34 Fullback.
The Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet which seems to have taken the responsibility of monitoring the Russian activities in the areas, writes today about the ‘provocative’ manoeuvre around the Swedish coast line in the east.

Sukhoi Su-34
The Russian attack plane participated in a large manoeuvre practise called the Zapad (West) in 2013, an exercise that ended two weeks ago, the paper writes.
The plane(s) go under the name Sukhoi 34 Fullback. It is one of the first series-built planes delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2011.

According to the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet the plane has never before been seen in Sweden’s immediate surroundings. Swedish Gripen pilots have now photographed five Suchoi-34 over the Baltic Sea area.

"It was a novelty to us that they flew here, "said Defence Forces Operation Commander, Lieutenant General Anders Silwer to SvD. They flew out from the St. Petersburg area, through the Gulf and continued at the Baltic centre line down to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. It is possible that it was to support Russian and Belarusian troops with landing craft and helicopters practiced in the conquest of the coast.

"The interesting thing is that the flying machine exists and that it is operational, "said Anders Silwer to the paper.
Su-34 Fullback has long range, 4,000 km without refuelling. If there is possibility to refuel the plane in air, it can be air borne for several days. Pilots sit side by side, has a bed to sleep on and a toilet.
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