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Russia stops Swedes from adopting Russian children blaming homosexuality

Friday, 04 October 2013
A new Russian law has come into effect, which bars countries that allow same sex relationships from adopting children in Russia. As such, Sweden has been told by the Russians that they cannot adopt Russian children given that same sex relationship here is legal.
Swedish Television reports that some13 children who had already met their future Swedish adoptive parents would be barred from coming to Sweden.

It is reported that this has to with Russia attitude towards same sex. Most of the Swedes who wanted to adopt children from there are same-sex married people.
Vitaly Milonov a party heavyweight  and colleague of  Russian president, Vladimir Putin's went on the attack against homosexuals to Swedish television, in an interview where he calls gay people "perverts".

According to Irina Romanova who is responsible for the adoption question in Russia, the reason for the stoppage is that the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has concluded that no adoptions can be implemented in countries that approve same-sex marriage.
Only countries through direct agreements with Russia are guaranteed Russian children so that they don't fall into the hands of homosexuals. Russia wants to enter such an agreement with Sweden and negotiations are said to begin on Thursday.
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