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Presidential Palace in Riga- Latvia  in flames

Friday, 21 June 2013
Fire has badly damaged the roof of Riga Castle, of the official residence of the Latvian president, which also houses Latvia's National History Museum.

Dating from the 1200s About 100 square meters of the roof has been on fire, according to witnesses as could be seen on this Swedish television clip here. Smoke and flames is seen shooting into the night sky over the Latvian capital.

Firefighters fighting since Thursday evening have been fighting a large roof fire on the centuries-old castle in Riga, usually the seat of the President of Latvia, but now closed for renovation. No person has probably been damaged.

"It is serious because it is about a historic building in the city," said the fire service spokeswoman.

Around 100 square meters of the roof is on fire, according to witnesses. Over ten fire departments fighting the fire and army helicopters have been called in to drain water over the fire.
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