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Poisonous carcinogenic mold found in milk from Arla dairy in Linköping, Sweden

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Due to lack of regular checks, from the Swedish Dairy Board, dairies products such as milk have been found to contain mold that can be carcinogenic,  and an alarm has been blown today for consumer to be cautious.

The carcinogenic mold toxin known as aflatoxin were found in milk from Arla dairy in Linköping, Sweden. The poison had entered into the milk via imported rice used for livestock feed, reports Swedish television news.

On 10 April this year a test response to a silo with milk from Arla dairy in Linköping was shown to have contained the toxin aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin is a highly toxic substance produced by mold. If one was to be exposed to it over a long period of time it will lead to increased risk of liver damage and liver cancer.

The source of the mold has been traced to Pakistani rice imported by a company in Kristianstad. The rice was polished and resold. The waste product, the shell was sold to Orga mill outside Norrköping, report Swedish television news.

The mill produced pellets that were resold to five farms in Östergötland. The toxin was found in the lining, which is believed to have gone into the milk, but it was first discovered at the dairy - by accident.

The Swedish Dairy Board, known as Mejerier, has been accused of collusion for not making routine monitoring of milk. It carries checks four to five times per year by taking samples at all dairies.

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