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Norway to inaugurate bridge one of the longest suspension bridge

Monday, 12 August 2013
Norway is to officially inaugurate one of the longest bridges in the world - 30 meters longer than the Golden Gate. As the locals praise the projects, political and environmentalists are out with dagger.
Norway's longest bridge and which is one of the world's longest suspension bridges is to be officially inaugurated on the 17th of August. Known as the Hardanger Bridge is located in the south-western part of Norway, on the road between Oslo and Bergen. The bridge is located in a dramatic landscape of steep mountains, fjords and waterfalls which is also a natural park.New Bridge in Norway
Image/Hardanger Bridge is located in the south-western part of Norway
The area is a popular tourist destination and the hope is to improve communication in order to attract more tourists, through the bridge into the area.
The process did not go without the cries from activists as environmentalists, especially have a different view and have criticized the bridge project, which they argue will affect the sensitive natural environment around the area where the bridge is constructed.

The Hardangervidda, which has a natural park, is within a mountain plateau in central southern Norway in the counties of Buskerud, Hordaland and Telemark. While the people there think that, the bridge is a good idea as it could encourage business and movements, it is expected that the project which cost billion and which more will be put into the road that will be built in Norway is expected to be strong political debate.New Bridge in Norway
Image/ The Bridge under contractution
Elections in Norway are on by September 9. Election campaign is thus in full swing and one of the hot issues is the focus on road and rail. Jens Stoltenberg's government announced in April a national transport plan which will cost Nkr508 billion for the next ten years.
On August 17th, the Hardanger Bridge will be inaugurated and given a fine weather, the organizers believe that thousands of people could come over and check the new project out.the natural environementImage/The natural evironement feared to be affected
However, an unofficial opening of the bridge has already happened and it was when Queen Sonja visited the bridge and gave her high personal wishes.
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