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Messy racist demonstration in central Stockholm, Sweden as police injured and protesters arrested

Saturday, 14 September 2013
Just as various high profile Swedes are seeking peaceful co-existence between the various races that have found themselves in this northerly end of the world, there are still those who are bent at cleansing the country of those they deem not fit to live with themparty of teh swedes demonstrating on saturday
Far right and racist party, Svenskarnas parti or in English,  Party of the Swedes, that wants to cleanse Sweden of Jews, black Africans, Gypsies and those types of people they deem not fit to live in their mist took to the streets today in Stockholm and their demonstration soon turned messy.

 According to Swedish television, two police officers were injured while eight people were arrested.
The demonstration had the characteristics of most racist demonstration whereby on the way from Humlegarden to Kungsgatan counter-demonstrators emerged from nowhere. Party of the Swedes was greeted by slogans such "no Nazis on our street" and the atmosphere was at times rancorous. Eight people were arrested and 28 people were rejected from the demonstration besides the two police officers injured as a result of the scuffle.
Around 200 supporters of the Party of the Swedes had gathered for the demonstration. The party is a nationalist, racist party with roots in the Swedish National Socialist of the Swedes demonstrating
Then counter-demonstrators from several organizations, such as independent political youth movements like Social democrats youths (SSU), gathered to protest against the demonstration.
There had been a very large police presence with vans, riding police officers, helicopters, and dogs. Police tried to maintain a certain "distance" between the groups. Extra police have been called in, how many extra came in remain obscure.Strong police presence
According to tabloid paper, Aftonbladet, 1400 people had registered on Facebook saying they intended to participate in the "water war  within the race war."
"Everyone is welcome to participate in a fun and peaceful war, where creative humour and compassion challenge racial biology and vigilante groups," writes organizer Network Against Racism, said Aftonbladet
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