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Foreign tourists reject Sweden, as it looks like Sweden is loosing its popularity with international tourists.

Sunday, 08 September 2013
Fewer tourists came to Sweden in June and July, compared with the same month last year, questioning whether Sweden has lost its mojo as destination for international tourists.
According to figures from the Swedish Growth Board, (Tillväxtverket) the fall in the number is being explained as attributed to the persistent strength of the Swedish krona.
Over six million foreign tourists have come to Sweden this Summer  as the strong Swedish krona means mostly those with deep pockets and people who have relatives in Sweden can now afford.Goteborg - Sweden
Top destination . Goteborg, Sweden
The Swedish  Growth Board, that compiles the number of tourists, who visit the country, collected the data for August to include things like hotels and hostels stays.
The visits in June and July showed a clear trend - there were nearly 300,000 fewer tourists than last year or 6 percent less.
This is the second year in a row that Sweden is seeing a declining numbers and the possible explanations are the economic crisis in Europe and the strong Swedish currency, the Krona.
However, there is the argument that the fewer tourists do not necessarily mean less revenue, because of the view that tourists spend more money. This means the strength of the krona means the few that comes it are able to spend great.
Last summer hotels, campsites, and hostels made some Skr5.4 billion more from foreigners than the year before. The number for this summer, will be known only in December.
On the flip side, There are also many Swedes travelling abroad during the summer. Travelling agencies such as Apollo, says many destinations were already fully booked early in the year. One reason for that was the weather condition last summer. Many people feared that the Swedish weather this summer could also be rubbish and decided to bolt.
The also the strong Krona seems to make Swedes keen to plan for the more expensive destinations in autumn and winter for it tend to be cheaper.
Sun and Surf are activities many people are looking for when the holidays starts approaching. Sun in particular is notoriously short in supply here in the North so the question is whether Sweden can hold the position as a tourist destination in the future.
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