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Finland developing interest in cricket

Tuesday, 06 August 2013
The sports, cricket which is a game played by mostly Anglo-Saxon related countries is gradually gaining ground in Finland and a Finnish Cricket Association has been created to dive its international attainment.
The Finnish broadcaster Yle reports that the level cricket ground topped with a pavilion in Kerava, just north of Helsinki is one of the places where the game is taking the country's growing love for it to a different level.
Image from Yahoo/ Eurosport - Test Cricket illustration purposes - not related to the above story

But Yle adds that surprisingly, the traditional British sport is no newcomer to Finland. The first record of a cricket match being played in the country could be traced back in 1953, when a team from the then visiting British Navy destroyer Agincourt played against British expatriates living in Finland. In the decades following, cricket was played by independent groups on a small scale – mainly by teams of friends and the British Embassy.
A national association was formed in 1999 followed rapid growth and there is now an active nationwide league, reports Yle.
There are currently around 400 cricketers, competitive and social, and the number is growing. The main stage is in Kerava, where the Finnish Cricket Association is developing an international level cricket ground.
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