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Far right party, Sweden Democrat bent on curbing immigration to Sweden to save Skr118 billion

Monday, 30 September 2013
The Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats want to curb immigration to Sweden and feels that there is a possibility that such move will save the country Skr118.2 billion. This will come through a greatly reduced asylum and family reunification to Sweden over the next four years. Nevertheless, the party's computation has come under criticism.

In what has been described as a charm offensive, of throwing red meat to its base, the party is pushing through its flagship models of creating a fortress Sweden by putting a price tag on its core policy of reducing immigration to Sweden.

As such, the Sweden Democrats have come up with a new calculation with numbers from the Swedish Parliamentary Research Service to stress through their  budget,  on Wednesday that,  should Sweden reduce the number of people coming here from outside the EU such as Somalia or the war-torn areas of the Middle East, the country can save a lot of money.

They want to reduce asylum and family reunification of immigrants to Sweden by 45 percent during the next year and eventually by 90 percent thereafter.sweden-democrats
The party estimates in its budget motion that the reduced migration in the first year would result in savings of Skr11 billion. The 2018 immigration policy would generate revenues of around Skr45 billion, according to the party, referring to the numbers produced by the Swedish Parliamentary Research Service.

Their economic policy spokesperson, Sven Olof Sällström,  says Sweden with current government policy will receive 180,500 newly arrived asylum and family immigrants from outside the EEA between 2014 to 2017. For the Sweden Democrats, they determine that the number would instead be  reduced to 27,430, a reduction of around 85 percent.

In a press briefing today, Sven Olof Sällström said, "there is no need for immigration until 2025."

But their budget has come under criticism from sources such as the Swedish Reform Institute, which accused their reforms as short-sighted. They agree that initially the cost is there but immigrants make massive contribution to the Swedish economy and work in sectors that Swedes do not.

By focusing only on how much it will cost to make immigrants settle and not how much the economy gains from their activities make no sense. The far rights are too obsessed with creating a fortress in Sweden and blinded by the gains immigrants bring to the economy. They are thus called to make a balanced calculation.

However, many analysts decry the high level of unemployment among groups such as the Somalis and feel that the far rights will always use them as a punching bag as a case study of their claims.
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