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Far right Swedish politicians advocate child labour as a tool to end poverty in the world

Tuesday, 15 October 2013
Swedish far right politicians from Sweden Democrats has come under intense fire when it emerged that he proposed that there should be increased conscription of children into the workforce as a means to reduce poverty in countries.

Arild Svensgam, local government council politician from Falköpings posted on his Facebook pages that child labour should be instituted from the age of seven and should be seen as a solution to end poverty in the world. He boastfully wrote that he would rather donate money to the animal world than for course to help children in the world.

Sweden democratsSweden Democrats supporters/ Granscole
In another post on Facebook, Arild Svensgam linked to an article on asylum seekers, but he maintains that the article is about "terror connection." That means the connection between asylum seekers and terrorism.

Sweden Democrats district head, Hanna Wigh argue that the statements by Arild Svensgam’s Facebook posting is not at all in line with party's policy.
“We do not stand behind what he wrote on Facebook at all. Time will tell what happens,” says Hanna Wigh.
Hanna Wigh say that the statement affects the confidence the party has in Svensgam as a politician and does not rule out that he may have to leave the party.
“I think it's creepy when opinions are expressed from fellow party members that seeks to dehumanize people who come to Sweden from war and oppression,” says Hanna Wigh.
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