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False advertisement of child sex shows how the interest in child prostitution is popular in Sweden

Thursday, 29 August 2013
It was reported recently about how there is growing incidents in Sweden, where children here sell themselves as sex objects. Probably as a test, radio Sweden conducted a test, which reveals something that was not expected.
child sex abuse
According to radio Sweden, there is a lot of interest in buying sex from children in the Stockholm area and this is something that is fully transparent online. This is because radio Sweden tested the idea with an ad in which a fictitious 14-year-old "Emma" was offering sex for payment. Three minutes later, the first SMS was received. That was the first on 100 responses that was received for that issue for over a period of one week.

The ad was placed on a website where one could buy sexual services. The men who respond to the ad fell within the age range of 18 and 64 years old, and all were fully aware of "Emma" age.

Having sex with someone under 15 is a crime under Swedish law. The penalty for child rape is imprisonment for at least two and a maximum of six years or, if the crime is gross, imprisonment for at least four and up to ten years.

The penalty for sexual exploitation of children is imprisonment for up to four years.
The Swedish police id not surprise by the interest in child sex in Sweden
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