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Despite all fears, the amount of Somali immigrants to Sweden fall

Sunday, 29 September 2013
Despite fears from various sections of the Swedish society, the amount of Somalis who want to come to Sweden after an immigration rule change recently, related to family reunions, has really dropped.

According to radio Sweden, 7430 Somalis applied for a residence permit to come to  Sweden this year, mainly to  be reunited with their family here in Sweden. That is less application than estimated, according to new  assessment from the Swedish Migration Board, Migrationsverket.

Many Somalis who want to come to Sweden have made their applications for it at the Swedish Embassy in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.
For this year, the forecast was revised downwards to 8,600 applications but at the end of October, a new forecast, which is probably not going to be anywhere near what was thought of a year ago was being presented.

So far, 7,430 Somali immigrant family members applied for a residence permit to come to Sweden. About 70 percent are likely to be accepted.

The Somali Association in Sweden sees several reasons for the less than expected coming to Sweden. One reason is the fact that many of the Somalis who are here in Sweden are unemployed, many husbands, or wives in Somalia lack identity documents proving their affiliation to their relatives in Sweden.

Another reason for this low turnout according to radio Sweden is that,  the new government in Somalia is offering hope that life there is getting better and with stories of racial profiling in Sweden and hardship to get a career development, many, not least, may have chosen to stay.

"Those who are older will probably opt to stay there because it is such a big change to come to a new country. As for the young, they have difficulties to show that they are Somalis," says Habane Abdulkadir Hassan who is communications manager for the Somali association to radio Sweden.
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