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Denmark to call for Eastern European police officers to help stem the wave of burglaries in the country

Saturday, 14 September 2013
The coming of a wave of Eastern Europeans into Denmark has changed they way their open society use to be. There has been an explosion in cases of  burglary, car thefts, boat engine theft among others,  something that has baffled Danish police. The only clue they have is that Eastern Europeans are behind most of these crimes. This has made the Danish political forces to seek help from  Eastern European police.
Romanina police working with the British policeImage Granscole /One example of Romanian police working alongside British police forces in which in one they made over 50 arrests of Eastern European criminals.
From the political standpoint several Danish, political parties agree with a proposal that suggested that several Eastern European officers should be invited to Denmark to help with the investigation of various home burglaries. In 2012 were reported 43,266 burglaries in Danish homes, for example, most blamed on Eastern Europeans.

Several Romanian and Lithuanian officers, will be called to Denmark is considered an excellent idea, according to the spokesman of the Danish Liberal Party, (Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti (English: Left, Liberal Party of Denmark)) Karsten Lauritzen, who supports the Danish People's Party's suggestion that the Danish police should cooperate more with Eastern European officers to solve burglaries happening in Denmark.

"We have had a partnership with Romanian officers on various issues, and it was a success. Therefore, one can wonder that the Minister of Justice or the police should have taken the initiative to disseminate it," says Karsten Lauritzen.
In connection with the Danish People's Party's annual meeting in Herning, Denmark this weekend, the party will be presenting a proposal to reduce the number of burglaries in Danish homes, and thefts of cars, boats and break-in to stores.
Luthuanian police working in the UKAnother example of Lithuanian police working alongside British police forces to check data bases for facts / image/ Granscole
The party also want to propose to devote Dkr50 million for temporary prison places abroad to foreign criminals who today fills Danish prisons. Part of the money will also go to the Eastern European officers whom the party will want to invite more to Denmark to help clear up burglaries.

There have already been this attempts with Romanian officers already deployed in with the North Zealand police, for example. The model looks more like it should be widespread in the country.

"If the police believe that it would benefit their work, so I'm very open to it. It's good momentum from the Danish People's Party that they now are more likely to cooperate across borders," says Jeppe Mikkelsen, spokesman for the Radicals.
Other political officials call for the extension of that cooperation to apply to drug crime and human trafficking.
Denmark is not the only country struggling with teh Estern Europeans thiough. In the UK, Police officers from Poland, Romania and Lithuania have been on patrol there to help clamp down on criminal gangs from Eastern Europe.They worked alongside British police forces,  and in one case, they made over 50 arrests, making the approach a success.
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