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Denmark relaxes rules for Syrian asylum seekers

Wednesday, 18 September 2013
The recent worsening of the conflict in Syria has meant that the Danish Refugee Board is to relax asylum rules for the Syrians. Therefore Syrians who have been displaced or affected in a more serious ways as determined the Danish Refugee board could be granted asylum in Denmark

The situation in war torn Syria is now so serious that the Danish Refugee Board for the first time has decided to relax the rules on asylum for refugees from the hardest hit areas in Syria so that they can now have direct access to seek asylum in Denmark.
This means that refugees from the areas in Syria, where fierce fighting and attacks on civilians have been prominent could no longer need to be so fear of persecution as they can seek asylum in Denmark.
 Syrian crisis
Political protest in Syria degenerated to that which poisonous grasses where used on civilians / Image Granscole
These concessions are being made, according to the Refugee Board, on the basis that the situation has deteriorated significantly in Syria in recent months.
Refugee Board has since April 2011 assessed the situation in Syria, but this is the first time that the rules have been relaxed, according to the Refugee Board, which does not see a need to extend the concessions so that Syrians can automatically seek asylum.

"The situation in Syria in recent months has deteriorated significantly. However, not all areas of the country are affected by the conflict," writes the Board.

The vast majority of refugees coming to Denmark from Syria have already been granted asylum, as it looks today, but relief through the new rule will probably mean that the number will even get higher, the Refugee Board contended.

Last month Sweden also allowed most of the Syrians who fled to the country to be granted permanent residency.  

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