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Danish People Party is reacting angrily about new rules opening Denmark for Syrian refugees - fear a flood of Syrian refugees in the country

Thursday, 19 September 2013
Danish People's Party or Dansk Folkepart (DF)  is naturally not a very immigration- friendly party as revealed when they were in office a few years ago. Therefore when the Danish refugee board announced yesterday that they want to open Denmark for Syrian refugees, very man people expected the DF to react sometimes and they are really on it now.
The DF is now calling on the Danish Minister of Justice to annul the rules for fear that  Denmark will be over run by Syrians either those affected by the war or not.
Syrian Crisis
Refugees in Syrian neighbourings countries and according to the UN it has now reached 2million/Granscole

Originally, yesterday the Danish Refugee Board decided to relax the requirements for asylum seeker from Syria to seek in Denmark because the board feels that the situation in Syria is now very precarious. As such it was determined that refugees from the hardest hit areas in Syria do not have to suffer from persecution as such they can seek asylum in save haven Denmark.
That decision, as expected by many has met with criticism and dissatisfaction from the Danish People's Party. It immigration spoke person, Martin Henriksen says that the flow of refugees to Denmark is already at record levels. He fears that the new rule will mean that more Syrian refugees will be fleeing to Denmark.

"The problem is of course that the refugee authority is sending the message that if you come from a certain area of Syria, then Denmark will welcome you. We do not need that much asylum seekers at a time when the influx is already at a record level."

The refugee situation in Syria's neighbouring countries is at extreme levels with about 1,5million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, 500,000 in Turkey, 500,000 in Jordan, 200,000 in Iraq as well as about 100,000 in Egypt. The Danish refugee authority thus thought that Denmark could also help by taking in some refugees to Denmark thereby humouring its international obligations. But this is not something that the Danish People's party would love to see. Just like the Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats, the Dansk Folkepart prefers that Denmark support the refugees out there not in here.

When asked why it is not okay that Denmark takes its share of about 1,500 Syrian refugees this year.
The Danish people's party responded that Denmark can not save the whole world. "If you look at the total number of asylum seekers here it is really growing fast and that could lead to violence."
"We need to look at how we can become better at helping the local community, instead of that we receive more and more asylum seekers in Denmark. That causes divisions, frustrations and tensions in the Danish society, something we do not need at this moment," said Martin Henriksen who is now calling on the Danish Justice Minister, Morten Bødskov for the Refugee Board's decision on the reduced requirements for asylum seekers from Syria to be changed.

It should be noted that when Sweden granted permanent residency to some Syrians asylum seekers recently, it triggered long queues to developed at the Swedish embassies in the Middle East for obvious reason.
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