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Africans continued to find Sweden a terrifying place for them to live in as the explosion of African-phobia crimes continues to persist

Friday, 13 September 2013

Just the colour of the black skin kills the Swedish man and the hate becomes so strong that the death of a black African is the best way for them to show their dislike for that race.
It is scary for one lacks the understanding as to why Swedish people are finding it harder than most other countries to get along with their African cousins.
It is not that the Africans in Sweden are economically prosperous in anyway, - No, the Swedes have all - and the Africans, irrespective of all attempts have virtually nothing. Jobs, housing, healthcare, education, are some of the most common observable things that  Africans are wantonly discriminated against in Sweden but yet Swedish thugs still go after them for their blood. 
Police Brutality on a blackman in SwedenA black guys was pulled out of the river and beaten up by the Police in Malmö, 2012 / image Youtube

In southern Swedish city of Malmö, the centre of racist and hate crime in Sweden, in the coming weekend, there will be demonstration in the city centre against African-phobia in Sweden.

This comes after crimes with African phobic motif have increased in Sweden over the past five years. The weak reaction of the police and  after the heavy beating of a black man in Malmö on Sunday, the issue was raise once more, according to Jallow Momodou from Afrosvenskarnas Forum för Rättvisa roughly translated as Afro - Swedish Forum for Justice.

When the Jews were attacked here in Malmö, we were out on the street in manifestations against anti-Semitism. When the Roma group becomes vulnerable, we were out on the street and manifested against Antiziganis. When black people are attacked, then you might want a demonstration against racism in general.

We want to have this manifestation because we want to have a demonstration about African-phobia. Just Afro phobia, says Jallow Momodou, chairman of the Afro Swedish Forum for Justice, who is involved in organizing the rally.
Between 2008 and 2012, the total amount of reported hate crimes in Sweden grew by 6 percent. Nevertheless, during the same period hate crimes with Afro-phobic motif increased some 24 percent. In 2012, 940 such hate crimes were reported, according to the data from the Swedish National Crime Prevention Council, Brå.

"It is not only racist abuse, calling someone by a racist name, No! It is violence involved in these cases. And it's very serious," says Jallow Momodou to radio Sweden, international network
Jallow Momodou cites example of events in Forserumsten in Småland last year, where Somalis were subjected to persistent violet harassment. Harassment that made hundred of Somalis forced to leave town as a result of fear living in the area. Various media houses in Sweden reported on that issue, for example,  Swedish television reported then (August 2012) that for three weekends in a row, stones have been raining on houses where Somali community met.No to police Brutality demonstration in Malmö after an African was brutally beaten up by the police (Facebook)

A member of the Somali Association, told tales of assaults on how children had been beaten, intimidation, threatened and insulted in school and social places. Somalis after having enough started leaving town in their drove. For example, in Forserumsten out of 160 Somalis living there in 2011, 95 had already moved from the community by 2012 due to the threatening atmosphere.
Jallow Momodou continued to mentions the simulation of a slave trade auction at a student nation in Lund, two years ago, and the recent African-phobic hate crime in Malmö, where a large gang severely beat a man of African descent, and hung him over a bridge among others.
He also believes that the debate about Tintin in the Congo and the children's book character "Little Heart" shows that there is a structural racism in Sweden.
"When you have pictures of white people in children's books, they appears as prince and princesses, they would be intelligent and smart, they'll be fine. But when it comes to a black character, the illustrations come ugly, stupid, they'll be beastly and exotic. And that mindset has to change. Because we live here, we are also Swedes, we want our children to grow up in a society where they'll feel safe, and just as valuable as any other child," he says.

Politicians have been too silent when it comes to condemning African-phobia, considers Jallow Momodou, and one of the main requirements during the demonstration will be to call this silence to be broken.

"We demand that the state should recognize Afro-phobia and we demand a government investigation to check why the Swedes of African descent, Afro-Swedes, are treated the way they do, and then come up with measures,"  says Jallow Momodou, chairman of the African Swedish Forum for Justice.

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