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Political Economy



What is the economic benefit of social and economic exclusion, discrimination, and alienation? The case of Sweden for example

23 May 2013

The riots in the Stockholm area where cars, building, and other assets have been destroyed is a heavy costly issue to the society that will stretch to millions. Why and how does it make economic sense to reject a class of people from participating in economic life, not usually, largely because of their abilities but because of the colour of their skin?

It has now been unanimously established that  certain groups of persons in the Swedish society are excluded, discriminated upon and alienated from the economic and social life of the country. This means that they get no way of participating in economic activities. While they are not happy about that, as human beings, the country is also loosing big time.
From the riots and the comment made by the rioters, such as that, they want to be heard, many of them want to work and develop a life for themselves instead of seating, and relying on hand outs.
It is also true that not every one has the same abilities. There are those who are natural risk takers - who can start businesses and have the drive to spot areas of potentials. These people will still need those who are good at working and transforming new discoveries into usefulness.
So, in today's Swedish society, when some groups of person are identified as lacking capabilities just because of the colour of their skin, the way the speak the language, is just strange and makes no economic sense. This are tow main factors that account for getting a career in Sweden - race and the ability to peak Swedish not well but with no foreign accent. Therefore if some such as such as Jamal Osman the celebrated British Channel 4 reporter was in Sweden, he will never be looked upon.

The question that emerges now is who pays for those who are rejected in the jobs market? Surprisingly, those who work and pay taxes do. Their taxes feed these ones who are not working and many don't know that.

Such a situation is not only seen in Sweden but also very popular across the white world, except to a slightly lesser extent in the USA were people of colour have a better chance of career development that in Europe.

The society not only looses able bodied people who could assist in economic and social development of the country;  they make less contribution in taxes, social insurance while consuming services such as healthcare and if they have children, their children will go to school and use healthcare which "you" the discriminator pays for.
In Sweden, it looks like the people there are happy to pay for  those they don't like to see in their places of work, the non-white people - they are happy that they stay at home and collect handouts.
The last nights of unrest in the Stockholm area will cost the community additional millions of increased effort to manage vandalism. The last few nights Sweden had had over a hundred extra police officers drafted and intend to probably continue with that for the few days, according to the police spokesperson Kjell Lindgren. Around Skr600 000 per night is the costs of the increased police effort.
The city of Stockholm is seeing this as extra expense that was not planned for. This is  follow with insurance payment for the cars and property that were damaged. Also it remains questionable if businesses will stay open.

According to Irene Svenonius, mayor of Stockholm, she feels that businesses that will be able to be kept open will do and that they try to do what they can do to keep businesses open. She also believes that it is important not to give in to damage even if it involves more millions.
Does it make sense to throw all this resources just because certain groups of people are not nice to be seen at a place of work? When will an economy such as Sweden understand that engaging all irrespective of race will make the welfare system cheaper and people wealthier as individual tax bill will reduce since more will pay taxes. Does Swedish companies even know that people with immigrant background can be great PR for their companies in their countries or origin?
by Team

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