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Putting up the widow curtain early as the Swedish left party leader starts selecting which ministerial post he would hold

Sunday, 13 October 2013
The Swedish general elections is still some months away but some political forces and personalities have started juggling for position. This is true with the leader of the Left party Jonas Sjöstedt who has two ministerial posts he would be interested in.

leader of the left party
According to Swedish tabloid paper Expressen, Jonas Sjöstedt (pictured above) already know the ministerial post he would want to hold in a Red-Green coalition government. He wants to be Infrastructure Minister, according to the paper.

Jonas Sjöstedt's tactics for the election is to primarily seek to be part of a government with the Social Democrats and the Greens. And he's already clear about what job he wants.

"I'd love to bring order to the Swedish railways, "says Jonas Sjöstedt to Expressen.

"It would be fun to get away those privatizations and ensure that trains run on time and there is a lot of money for maintenance.”

The road to a ministerial post is long for Jonas Sjöstedt who still required the Social Democrats and the Green party to agree to enter into coalition with them.  The Left party’s opposition to profiteering in the provision of welfare services remain a quagmire for any government alternative with the three parties to become eminent.
By Scancomark.com Team

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