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Stefan Lfven, leader of Sweden's Social Democrats is worried about the Norwegian election results

Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Sweden's Social Democratic party leader, Stefan Lfven (pictured below) says he is disappointed by the Norwegian election results
"It is worrying. The Norwegian people have chosen and with all due respect, to it, it is still worrying that such a right wing populist party may come in a Norwegian government," says Stefan Lfven to radio Sweden.
stefan Lofven
Swedish premier Fredrik Reinfeldt has also commented on the Norwegian election results.

"I've called Erna Solberg and complimented the Hoyres fantastic 'success. It pleases me especially because Erna and I worked together for many years we learned from each other  renewal of our respective parties," said Fredrik Reinfeldt in a written message to the Swedish news agency, TT, late last night.

Stefan Lfvn does not think that the Labour Party election results will affect how the Social Democrats in the Swedish elections reflect next year.

"There again what we can conclude is that you do not really want to have a new policy in Norway without new politicians. Conservatives have not wanted to refer too much to the rightwing policy in Sweden in terms of how it has gone with private schools and so on. I feel safe in the development, for our part," says Stefan Lfven.

The Norwegian election result last night was historic for the country in several ways. The Right-wing populist Progress Party will likely be in government, though Norway's second female prime minister would have been a great celebration to a country that has seem more women hitting the corporate boardroom than neighbouring counters of Sweden and Denmark. But the fears now is how the government will look like?
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