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US president Obama has now touched down in the Sweden

Wednesday, 04 September 2013
US President Barack Obama has landed in Sweden. The president's plane, the Air Force One touched down at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport this morning. For this reason the motorway, the E4 from Stockholm has been shut down in both directions during the procession into Rosenbadsgatan where Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt will receive him.

Obama airforce one in Sweden
The American presidential jet air force one touched in Sweden this morning
As he  stepped off the Air Force One and on Swedish soil, he was greeted first by the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, Mark Brzezinski and his wife Natalia and including a some government representatives with the Swedish Foreign Ministry led by the Minister, Carl Bildt.

The US president is expected to meet the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in Rosenbadsgatan, were among others he will visit the Stockholm synagogue to mark the Raoul Wallenberg's works and visit the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Large parts of central Stockholm has been cordoned off for the visit and bus lines have been redrawn and diverted.

"It will be a long day, but it is very good that he comes here so that we get the opportunity to talk about important issues, "said Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt to Swedish television this morning.

Obama in Sweden
The president greeting officials as he stepped out of the Air force one
We will be bringing in highlights from the visit here on Scandinavian companies and market as events roll on.
For example, there are several demonstrations planned - the largest is expected to be at Medborgarplatsen where network 4 September has been permitted to demonstrate. The network demonstrates with the slogan that reads "No to Big Brother Obama".

Even Amnesty International, the Pirate Party, Liberal Party and several smaller groups have been given permission to demonstrate, all the way as Barack Obama and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt go about the activities of the day.
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