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The Swedish Social Democrats have been identified as leaders of ideas, as the election gets closer

Thursday, 03 October 2013
The Social Democratic party in Sweden  have an advantage over their Conservative Moderate counterpart when it comes to design and presentation of important policy issues that affect voters as the elections gets nearer.

social democratsThe party which is now leading all the opinion polls is determined to have conceived, designed and presented the best policies on jobs, health care, schools and elderly care, among others, an opinion poll conducted by polling organisation Ipsos for the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter shows.

31 percent of voters think that the socialists have the best employment policies against 27 percent for the Conservative Moderates. In three months, the percentage of voters who thought that the Conservative Moderates have the best job policy declined by 6 percentage points from 33 to 27 percent, according to Dagens Nyheter.

Voters however continue to trust the Moderate Party when it comes to who can better manage the Swedish economy. Here though the Moderates still dropped their support - from 50 to 41 percent over the Social Democrats.
by Scancomark.com Team

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